Facilities & Machine Development

The first shipments of rice were hand-pounded and hand-winnowed by the farmers. There were no appropriate machines for processing, facility space for working, or warehouses for storage.

In Kalinga and Ifugao we began looking for available spaces where the final winnowing and packing into 25kg bags could be done. In Kalinga, Lam-en Gonnay was able to use his contacts to secure a vacant space in the Livelihood Products Center in Bulanao. In Ifugao, some of the guest houses allowed the farmers to use their courtyard space.


Congressional Livelihood Center, Bulanao, Tabuk
Inner space
Installing the electrical panel box
Renovating space in the Congressional Livelihood Center, Bulanao, Tabuk
Machine fabricator, JHT, delivering the new processing machines
Farmers renovating the space
JHT crew and farmers setting up the machines