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Terraces of the Cordillera

By Mary Hensley

October 2009 – National Geographic Traveler magazine

More than thirty years ago I fell under the spell of one of the most remarkable man-made landscapes in the world – the ancient, hand-carved rice terraces that striate the Cordillera Mountain region.

The seed keeper’s treasure

By Alaric Francis Santiaguel

 Rice Today October-December 2010-With additional photos

Challenged and threatened by development intruding on their lands and traditions, the seed keepers of the Philippines’ Cordillera region fiercely held on to their native rice varieties. Now, the world is discovering the precious gems in their possession: heirloom rice.

RICE to RICHES   The story of RICE, Inc.

By Ida Anita Q. del Mundo

May 25, 2008 Starweek  The Sunday magazine of the Philippine STAR

Cover story of the Sunday Magazine of the Philippine STAR. The story of RICE, Inc.

The Terrace Keepers

By Liz Carlisle

Fall 2016 Stanford Social Innovation Review
Farmers in the Cordillera region of the Philippines prosper by selling heirloom rice, with help from a company called Eighth Wonder.

Women who moved mountains

By Ma. Lizbeth Barona-Edra

Rice Today October-December 2014
The Cordillera heirloom rice from the Philippines has palates half-way around the globe coming back for more. “I believe that the farmers in the project have found a new sense of pride in their culture and their work,” said Ms. Garcia.

Dedicated to tradition: world heritage farming and heirloom rices

By Rene Featherstone

July/August 2010 – edibleSeattle Magazine  (www.edibleseattle.com)
Have you heard of the rice whisperer, the mysterious lady of the Terraces?  She arrives in Seattle in her Subaru loaded with seven kinds of rice you’ve probably not seen before.

Uplifting the multi-functional roles of the rice terraces (part 1)

By Robert Domoguen

April 15, 2007 – ZigZag Weekly /Best Practices on Agricultural Crop Production and Resource Management in the Highlands of the Philippines’ Cordillera. Department of Agriculture 2008

Throughout its 3,000 of history, the multifunctional roles of the rice terraces in Cordillera in establishing a reliable livelihood and quality human survival in Northern Luzon is slowly being acknowledged.

Fried Ominio Rice A’ La Purple Yam

By Amy Besa

RICE Today October-December 2014  Video https://youtu.be/9rU0r_0Ezmo

In the 1990s, I was introduced to heirloom rice and was asked to help develop a market in the U.S.  My mantra is that, if we want to preserve heirloom rice, we should eat and cook with it on a daily basis.

Not Everything in Life Must Change: Some Things Must Remain the Same

By Gelia Castillo, National Scientist and Professor Emeritus

May 5, 2014   IRRI. org/blogs

There are treasures that we must keep preferably as they are. The Heirloom Rice Project aims “to enhance productivity and livelihoods, to protect misappropriation and preserve in-situ or on-farm the farmer-preferred heirloom/traditional climate-resilient varieties.”

Bird’s-eye views of an enduring rice culture

By Gene Hettel      Color photography by Ariel Javellana

Rice Today January-March 2008  ((International Rice Research Institute)

Harold C. Conklin, the renowned anthropologist, linguist, ethnobiologist, and preeminent authority on the Ifugao people of northern Luzon in the Philippines, returned to document some 40 years of both change and stability across Ifugao Province’s topography encompassing rice terraces, rivers, and forests.