Contact Information

Eighth Wonder, Inc., the US-based marketing company for the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project, and RICE, Inc., the project’s supporting NGO in the Philippines, have ceased operations as of December 31, 2019. The farmers, either cooperatively or independently, continue to grow and market the rice locally.


It is our hope that this archival website can answer your questions about the wonderful heirloom rice of the Cordillera. The website will be updated if articles of interest are found. If you wish to comment on this website, email heirloomrice (at) Our Facebook pages at “Eighth Wonder” and the “Heirloom Rice Project” remain live but are rarely updated.


For those wishing to purchase the rice, as far as I know, it is NOT currently exported to North America nor is there a distributor in the Metro-Manila area. It is our sincere hope that another business will be able to build on the foundation that our project started and eventually make the rice available to a larger market.


For people in the Philippines, the following are potential contacts for ordering the rice:


***Check the Facebook page of the “Rice Terrace Farmers Cooperative-RTFC” located in Banaue, Ifugao. Jimmy Lingayo is the coop manager.


***Michelle Madriago Na-oha is a farmer leader whom our project worked with in Banaue. She now works with another group of farmers in the Banaue area. Michelle can be contacted through her Facebook page “Michelle Madriago“, cell phone number 09982715542 or email neohamichelle (at)


***IRRI, the International Rice Research Institute, compiled a list of producers in 2015. Below is a screenshot of the page from their website. The contact names are correct, as far as I know, but the telephone numbers may not be current.


If there are additional producers who are selling their rice, I will gladly add to or correct this list. Good luck!! This rice deserves a market.