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Eighth Wonder

Cooking with Eighth Wonder Heirloom Rice

By Hank Will, editor of Grit Magazine (
January 25, 2010 – The Daily Commute blog posting
Rice is among my favorite starches. Until last weekend when I tried some Ifugao Diket Sticky Rice sourced from Eighth Wonder, Inc. I thought brown rice was pretty exotic and about as tasty as that grain gets.

Dedicated to tradition: world heritage farming and heirloom rices

By Rene Featherstone
July/August 2010 – edibleSeattle Magazine  (
Have you heard of the rice whisperer, the mysterious lady of the Terraces? She arrives in Seattle in her Subaru loaded with seven kinds of rice you’ve probably not seen before.

The dream lives on

By Robert Domoguen
August 30, 2009 – Zigzag Weekly online/ DARFU (CAR) Website
The vision to develop the region’s heirloom rice as an internationally competitive industry must go on for as long as here are farmers who continue to cultivate heirloom rice varieties in the rice terraces.

Ex-Choteau woman launches rice firm

By Melody Martinsen
January 28, 2009 – Choteau (MT) Acantha
When Mary Hensley was growing up in Choteau in the 1960s and 1970s, she never dreamed that one day she would become the founder of a project to help impoverished rice farmers in the Philippines.

Food for hope: Eighth Wonder heirloom rice

December 2007 – Co-op Food Store Newsletter and Online
Kalinga Unoy, Ulikan Red, Tinawon Fancy, Tinawon White—these are the names of rice grown in the mountains of the Cordillera region of the Philippines, where the villages are so remote that travelers hike to reach them

From Summit to Table: Mountain Red Blend

By Brent T. Frei
Bemidji, Minnesota, October 8, 2009 –
Indian Harvest, Inc., announces the release of its newest grain-blend innovation for foodservice: Mountain Red Blend.

Grains of compassion:  Choteau native helps combat poverty and save a wonder by selling rice

November 4, 2007– Great Falls Tribune (Montana)
Mary Hensley was a 22-year-old Peace Corps volunteer from Choteau, when she climbed on a military truck bound for the Philippines' lush Cordillera Mountains.

Heirloom Rice, Forbidden and Otherwise

By Lisa Bramen
April 9, 2010 – Food & Think blog (
The other day I tried forbidden rice, a black grain that turns a deep violet color when cooked. I picked it up at a natural foods store, enticed by the look of the shiny onyx particles and the provocative name.

Preserving a world heritage food: Mary Hensley and the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project

By Gail Jokerst
February/March 2011 – Montana Senior News
In Nevil Shute’s beloved fictional story, A Town Like Alice, a British woman returns to the Malaysian village where she spent the days of WWII so she could build a well for the village women. Fast-forward 60 years and you’ll find another story –this one true.

Promoting and developing the Cordillera’s heirloom rice industry

By: Robert L. Domoguen
January 26, 2011 – Mountain Light Opinion column
Sun Star Baguio Newspaper and Online
The recession in the USA is affecting the Cordillera in a specific way.

Purple Yam at the Edible Festival, Chelsea Market

October 4, 2010 – Purple Yam Blog (
For tonight’s offering at the Chelsea Market, we will be serving miniature suman or rice cakes made with the purple diket (glutinous) heirloom rice from the terraces.

Red, Red RICE: Colorful appearance, ancient back-story and pleasing texture make red rice a winner

By Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman
February 2011 – The National Culinary Review
A color invasion has infiltrated grains, and chefs couldn’t be happier. Now red rice is turning heads and catching chefs’ attention.

Rice Riches

By Kirsten Harrington
March 17, 2010– The Spokesman-Review
”Have you eaten rice yet?” This common greeting in Thailand gives evidence of the important role rice plays in daily life. “Normally we eat rice three times a day,” says Somkhit Buerger, who teaches Thai cooking in Spokane.

Root Capital supports heirloom rice cultivation in the Philippines

January 2008– Root Capital newsletter and online
Rice-a-Roni. Uncle Ben's. Tinawon White and Kalinga Unoy? Root Capital Financial is helping farmers with a short-term pre-shipment trade loan

The seed keepers’ treasure

By Alaric Francis Santiaguel
October/December 2010 – Rice Today Magazine with additional photos
Challenged and threatened by development intruding on their lands and traditions, the seed keepers of the Philippines’ Cordillera
region fiercely held on to their native rice varieties. Now, the world is discovering the precious gems in their possession: heirloom rice.

Terraces of the Cordillera

By Mary Hensley
October 2009 – National Geographic Traveler magazine
More than thirty years ago I fell under the spell of one of the most remarkable man-made landscapes in the world – the ancient, hand-carved rice terraces that striate the Cordillera Mountain region.

Technology and nature’s crown for me

By: Robert L. Domoguen
March 16, 2011– Mountain Light Opinion column
Sun Star Baguio Newspaper and Online
A package arrives that embodies people caring and sharing their vision and the best of their lives.

Terraces rice served in US gourmet market with Peace Corps help

June 24, 2007 – Northern Philippine Times
Sagada, Mt. Province –Mary Hensley, a former US Peace Corp Volunteer in Lubuagan, Kalinga, is back. She is behind the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project and the Eight Wonder company that retails Mountain Province rice in the United States.

Uplifting the multi-functional roles of the rice terraces (Part 2)

April 22, 2007 – ZigZag Weekly/ Reprinted Philippine Agriculture Magazine
Is there a future waiting for the Philippine Rice Terraces in the Cordillera? Given the continuous deterioration of this world heritage site, the question is something we may well ask.

When a caring person dreams with a people, a heritage product, and a way of life is sustained.

By: Robert L. Domoguen
February 1, 2011– Mountain Light Opinion column
Sun Star Baguio Newspaper and Online
Efforts on the part of the government to respond to identified problems and arrest the sorry state of the rice terraces actually began during the Marcos Regime. All failed to bring hope and promise of a better life for farmers engaged in heirloom rice production.


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