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Cordillera losing its heirloom rice varieties

From the Philippines to the Sandbox: Giselle Aris brings exciting guests to Development Dialogue

Imagine Tinawon rice and white it represents to the world!

Preserving a world heritage food: Mary Hensley and the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project

Promoting and developing the Cordillera’s heirloom rice industry

Red, Red RICE: Colorful appearance, ancient back-story and pleasing texture make red rice a winner

Remembering the old Suyoc village and its generation of rice growers

Technology and nature’s crown for me

When a caring person dreams with a people, a heritage product, and a way of life is sustained



Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project: carving a niche in the export market for indigenous rice

Dedicated to tradition: world heritage farming and heirloom rices

Native Rice Seen to Save Rice Terraces

Philippines: Ominio, Imbuucan, Chong-Ak rice profiles

Purple Yam at the Edible Festival, Chelsea Market

The seed keepers’ treasure

Cooking with Eighth Wonder Heirloom Rice

Cordillera native rice production hampered by El Niño phenomenon

Heirloom Rice, Forbidden and Otherwise

Rice Riches



Cordillera heirloom rice reaches US market

Ex-Choteau woman launches rice firm

From Summit to Table: Mountain Red Blend

Preserving the vanishing culture of the Ifugao

Terraces of the Cordillera

The dream lives on

The Ifugao terraces learning from Cinque Terre

Ifugao rice terraces are GMO-free

Ifugao tinawon rice export market opens



Bird's eye view of an enduring culture

Cordillera farmers to gain from high world prices of rice

DA promotes production of native rice for Cordillera

Heirloom rice project launched in Mt. Province

Highland rice varieties target global markets

Kibungan folk still plant indigenous rice varieties

Mountain Province rice varieties to be exported to US

NGOs find new ways to solve old problems

Rice : Organic Renaissance


Rising rice costs seen good for terraces

Root Capital supports heirloom rice cultivation in the Philippines

Sadanga farmers : see bright prospects in heirloom rice production



A gourmet experience direct from nature

Expanding Export Market May Help Unoy Rice Survive in Cordillera

Food for hope: Eighth Wonder heirloom rice

Grains of compassion: Choteau native helps combat poverty and save a wonder by selling rice

Hankering for more indigenous rice from the rice terraces

Pushing for the development of CAR heirloom rice as export crop

Race on to remove Banaue terraces from heritage danger list

Rice terraces farmers see brighter future with export of traditional rice

Terraces rice served in US gourmet market with Peace Corps help

Uplifting the multi-functional roles of the rice terraces (Part 1)

Uplifting the multi-functional roles of the rice terraces (Part 2)



Cordillera heirloom rice project



Katutubong bigas Ifugao ibebenta na sa Americka





The Hudhud Chant: Song of a People





UNESCO World Heritage Listing of World Heritage Sites


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