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When Vicky Garcia, Executive Director of RICE, Inc., starts her day at 5:00 am in a suburb of Manila, she has already received 10 to 20 text messages from rice terrace farmers, her project partner Mary Hensley in the United States, government officials, and part-time staff in other provinces involved in the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project. The texts can be anything from questions about trainings, marketing, and export regulations, to how-to questions regarding rice fumigation and processing, to confirming meetings with Department of Agriculture officials or her next trip up to the northern area rice terraces. Her day ends at 10 or 11 pm still answering emails and cyber phone calls to contacts around the world.

Vicky is often asked how she got to this point in her life. Why would a woman, born in 1960 in the Manila area of the Philippines, become an outspoken advocate for the indigenous tribal people of the Cordillera? It is not a simple answer. (The rest of the story)


Vicky Garcia, Executive Director of RICE, Inc.

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